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What is SEO and how it works

Despite what you may read online, theres no quick fixes or guaranteed answers when it comes to web page optimisation and SEO services. Nobody knows for sure exactly what Google wants and everything about SEO. Think of it like a Rubiks Cube; many different parts that need lining up to finish the puzzle. As a freelance web design business, one of our favourite things is local SEO services for businesses in Cornwall and helping them outrank the national companies on Google. Through research and experience, our SEO consultant will target two types of SEO that will ensure that your site optimisation is at its very highest level:

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On Page SEO

This stage will involve breaking down your current site into all the elements that the clever Google spiders that crawl your site, like to see. Even if you’ve had a new website recently, theres very few companies out there that will set the site up correctly in terms of SEO. We just put the pieces together! If done correctly, this will be a one time adjustment to set up your site efficiently.


Off Page SEO

The second stage is a much larger area and will involve a constant investment and adjustment to achieve great results. The key points to hit during this stage is building up links to your page from creditable sources, setting up social media across many platforms, ensuring your business listings across the internet are both apparent and correct and finally arguably the most important, your online reviews.

Search Engine Optimisation

Using the latest website optimisation techniques, we will ensure that Google knows the exact intention of your website and reward it accordingly in the organic search results. As you should have realised by now as thats why you're here, rankings = traffic and traffic = sales.

Did you know that 82% of google users actively shy away from clicking the sponsored paid ads. Now imagine the business potential of organically reaching the top of the listings. Our new sites are built for that exact thing or let us get your current site to where it deserves to be. 42% of Google users will be clicking on the first five search results and almost half of that is reserved for the top of the pot, number one! We do have to be realistic with the keywords targeted and not go head to head with the multi million pound companies, but as part of the initial research we will present you with the most searched keywords that we feel that we should target.

Web Traffic

SEO Services in Bude

SEO plan
SEO Plan 1

If you’re looking for instant results, then chasing the top organic results may not be the path to take. Googles’ paid ad service ‘Adwords’ is the sure fire way to hit the top of Google (depending on your competition for keywords; it may be a substantial cost) as it eliminates the need for changes on your site and purely lets you join the keyword scramble. As stated previously, 82% of users tend not to click on the paid ads but used correctly it can still be a very powerful tool. Koden can still help you out if thats the route you want to take.



Over 40% of new businesses fail within the first five years, not because they offer an inferior product or service but because they don’t rank high enough in the search engines to get noticed. Its like opening a high street store without windows and signs, you may as well not be there! You can have the most beautifully designed website but without the dots being connected behind the scenes its just not going to succeed. All the issues associated with most websites will prevent you from ranking highly on Google. It’s time to make the jump into an SEO package and kick off the process with a Free Website Analysis.

Koden are highly experienced in what it takes to rank a website highly on Google and our full website audit will check every element required and whether your site meets the criteria. You will then be emailed an in-depth report of your websites performance and the key areas to hit to make the difference. The report is 100% free so you can take the information away and perform the required changes, or the report will also include our quote to implement them for you. Our SEO Plans are paid on a recurring monthly payment as the changes need to be made over a period of time. Some of the key points to ensure that your site not only achieves good rankings but maintains them requires constant analysis and amendments.


No Contract

Once results are achieved we monitor keywords to ensure that your search results ranking is maintained. However, you can cancel the plan when it suits you


Financial Gain

With your average value we are able to quantify the financial benefits of achieving high rankings on Google and show you which keywords will be most valuable to your business


Expert SEO Consultant

A dedicated SEO specialist to implement the changes. With expert knowledge in SEO, we are to perfectly set up your site to be rewarded by the search engines and start to see growth


Keyword Research

In-Depth keyword research sent via email to establish the best keywords to target. This includes full analysis of your competition and how they are performing on the search engines


Bespoke Quote

Let Koden tailor the quote specifically for your business requirements. We know how important it is to keep the costs down as a new business so our quote will be tailored for you


Track Progress

Monthly report showing how the site is performing and how the changes are taking effect on your page. This report will also include how it effects the site traffic and sales

SEO Analysis Review

Website Quote Ed


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