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Koden Logo Design Bude believe that creating the right logo and brand identity for your business is up there as one of the key ingredients for success. As well as creating a logo design that will match and portray your business identity, we can help create an overall brand that includes colours, textures and layouts. There are free logo creators everywhere online but you’re only producing something similar to everyone else! Our latest graphic design software allow us to create a unique and personal logo for your business. This can be designed along side our website designs as part of a package.

The process will start with an in-depth consultation about your business; including values, customer market, vision for the future and of course your logo ideas! Our team will then work to present you with up to three logo design ideas, of which hopefully one will match your vision. Don’t worry if it doesn’t as we will repeat the process and only once you’re 100% happy will the final logo be commissioned and fine tuned.

Once a logo has been designed, we can transfer the theme across all forms including online, business cards, letter heads and advertising. The aim is to make your brand stand out from the rest and persuade potential clients/customers that you’re the answer to their needs.

Not only can we design but we work closely with a printing company to bring your designs to life! Please get in contact to discuss options available.

Our Recent Projects

Koden Logo


We needed a logo that conveyed our Cornish background and found ‘Koden’ that means Code in Cornish. It kind of then fell into place that we continued the code theme and added the branding text to simulate HTML code. Notice that we also converted the logo into a GIF that further implements the HTML theme and adds to the homepage.

Rudiandbear head logo


Before creating their new website we needed to update their previous logo that was only created on a logo design app and they had since outgrown. After receiving the brief that it needed to portray the happy feel of the brand and also be able to recognised with or without the text, we and Jazz are delighted with the outcome of her product logo design.

Honeyz Fitness Logo

Honeyz Fitness Online

Following a move to become an online fitness service, Honeyz Fitness needed their first logo creating before we built their new website. The brief was to be simple and clean whilst showing the main service of the brand, Yoga. We first created a calming colour palette and worked with Sally to transfer these to suitable fonts and styles.


Graphic Design

As well as offering logo designs, we love all things graphic design. Using the latest Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software we can create imagery and icons for your business. These can be designed around your companies branding or we take commissions in drawing/designing artwork. The Thomas Shelby Peaky Blinders illustration was hand drawn on Procreate on the Ipad Pro and the Burj Al Arab was created on Adobe Illustrator.


A4 Colouring Book

This 12 page colouring book was designed for Rudiandbear and features outlined images of their product line, placed in adventurous situations. The book was designed from scratch and printed by Redsmart Printing. Get in contact today to discuss your design needs.


Why Choose Koden?

Unlike all the free logo creators out there, you’re new logo will be 100% custom designed and specifically designed with your business values. Our professional design work is affordable and will make all the difference when customers first set eyes on your brand. We allow for unlimited tweaks and adjustments and only when you are 100% satisfied is the final payment completed. All graphic design work carried out on the latest Ipad Pro for an unbeatable design. If you’re looking for a logo and new website package then get in contact and we can give you a free, no obligation quote.

Don’t just take our word for it!

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