Small Business Web Design

Designed with you in mind, Koden offers 1-2-1 service and a professional web design service in Bude, Cornwall. We love making websites at Koden and particularly for small, local businesses. Theres something very satisfying and exciting about getting smaller business onto Google and seeing their potential grow. As a freelance web designer, we will be giving all our love and attention to your site until the finish date!

Koden Digital offer a hassle free web design process but it will start with getting a true feel of your business and brand; the longer spent on getting this bit right will ensure that the finished result is better than you could imagine. A 50% deposit is paid up front to start the design and build process and nothing more until you are 100% happy with the finished result. As a small, local business ourselves we understand that it’s important to keep costs down when launching a business. Thats why we’re happy to offer a pay monthly option for your new site and any of our services. Save money when taking out our full website, logo and SEO package. The site is then transferred to your name once the payments have finished.

Bude Website Design

Our job is to create the perfect shop front for your business or service and we will work closely with you to build the website of your dreams. At the forefront of our designs is the websites ability to seamlessly display on all devices and keep the same identity throughout. We can either design your brand identity from the ground up or implement your current logos and ideas onto a fresh and easy to navigate website.

We use multiple platforms for web design but favour using Wordpress or Squarespace. Both of these allow for ease of use and a huge range of professional website design templates. The price for each will vary due to the amount of work required but we will run you through costs and options when you get in contact.

As part of our services, we also offer Logo Design and SEO packages. Simply get in contact to speak to us!


Responsive Web Design

The year was 2015 and Google announced for the first time that more users were now searching on mobile devices than on desktop computers. That figure has grown another 10% in the 3 years since with more than 60% of searches now on the move. So its now changed the way websites need to adapt; all sites built through Koden will be responsive and designed to seamlessly transition between devices. This ensures that your branding and feel of the site is maintained no matter the device. Having a responsive web design will also be rewarded by Google themselves as they understand the importance of the UX, user experience.

Responsive Web Design

Built For Conversions

We’re highly experienced in our search engine optimisation and new sites will be built to perform highly from the off using the latest web design tools. Theres many stages to SEO as explained here, with all sites coming pre-loaded with the essentials. As part of our service, we offer SEO plans for once the site is built that will enhance the rate of growth and see you achieve huge results within Google. Even once you’re achieving those results, a study by Stanford University showed that 46.1% of website users said that the design of the site itself will actually influence their decision of a click or purchase. Using our experience we will work closely with you to design the site that attracts new customers and keeps them coming back for more.


E-Commerce Platforms

You’ll be wanting an E-Commerce website if you plan on selling products online and these sites involved a bit more work to get up and running. The most important thing is the customer experience and ease of use so sites will be designed for effortless use. The site will be built on either Wordpress or Squarespace, which are both excellent and simple content management systems. Once built, the site will be handed over to you with a few products pre-loaded to show the upload process and a full demonstration will be given on handover. Check out our recent portfolio below to show you an example of an E-Commerce site from RudiandBear, built on Squarespace using proven web design templates.

E-Commerce sites


As a startup business we're not able to publish hundreds of clients but with 100% customer satisfaction, we're well on our way! Below we have some of our most recent website designs



RudiandBear is a local company that sells handmade toys and gifts and had previously only listed their products on Etsy. After a meeting with Jazz, we established exactly what she wanted to achieve with a new site and how the branding needed a revamp to better suit the feel of the company. We also discussed how she wanted to integrate social media into the site heavily and adjust her Instagram page to promote products. is now an expansive E-Commerce page, listing over 50 products and linking effortlessly with Facebook and Instagram.

Little Rowans


Helen approached and wanted to venture away from the generic b&b booking platforms and gain more independence. New for 2018, Little Rowans had yet to be branded but with a set of ideas and visions we worked together to create a clean, crisp and modern feeling site. With full booking software integrated and easy enquiry service, Helen is now able to offer a state of the art booking system that links with Google Calendar to easily link all her booking platforms. A simple, yet elegant logo creates a more welcoming feel to the site. 


Honeyz Fitness


Honeyz Fitness run local Yoga and Pilates classes but due to a move abroad, wanted to move their business online. I was delighted to get stuck into this one as the website features an online subscription that allows users to sign up to a free 7 day trial, a monthly or yearly plan. The site is built to lock away all pages that are accessible as part of the subscription and features in depth analysis of users signing up and viewing habits. The company has never had an online presence so we worked with Sally to create a logo as well that compliments the brand.



It’s only right to feature the site your viewing now as the first website we created and features some of our add on extras. The page is designed to advertise all aspects of the business and listing each service as an individual page allows for serious SEO points. The live chat service gives users the ability to have questions answered immediately and has become our most popular add-on. Featuring a ‘Parralex’ website template, it creates a unique feel when scrolling the page and is one of the most requested features of a modern webpage.